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 Rebel Yell Video

Have You Seen The Live Rebel Yell Video? How many people can say they have heard an authentic Rebel Yell? Until recently, no known recorded examples were thought to exist. Fortunately there have been at least two examples recently uncovered. This example is a video-tape purportedly made in the 1930's at a reunion where numerous Ex-Confederates belt out their version of the Rebel-Yell, first in unison, then multiple solos examples are performed by identified veterans. Although both are well worth watching, since one picture is worth one thousand we decided to only include the video. Video©Smithsonian magazine, all video rights belong to Smithsonian magazine. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. Presentation ©Patrick Marquisquantrillsguerrillas.com "Permission should be requested and agreed to before using this copyrighted essay and/or image."  

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