Rare Photo of Slave Children Found.

I am sure many of you have seen the recently discovered antique image of the two black boys sitting in a field. It is purported to be of two abused slave boys taken somewhere in NC by Brady. I am a 50 year experienced collector of American photography and take exception to this ridiculous article. This is another attempt by the leftist, Hollywood style,PC media to continue to cause a rift between the blacks and the whites in the South. It is another crock of Yankee distortions.  Here is the CDV in question.                        

The two children in the image do NOT look abused in the least. On the contrary, they appear to be well fed and healthy. They appear to be like any other rural child of the period; poor, shabby but fine. Do you see any chains? Do you see scars? Do you see blood? Do you see tears? Nope. These boys simply look like they are out playing in the field.                        

Do they look unhappy? SURE! WOULDN'T YOU? These kids were stopped, made to pose, and hold still for a photographer stranger! I am sure they had no interest in having their picture taken by a well known Yankee Photographer named Brady (or one of his employees) who had his own agenda in mind during the Civil War; an agenda these poor boys had no knowledge or interest in at their ages.

Don't African Americans or American Blacks have anything better to do than continuously spew this excrement about slavery and how they were abused out over and over again? They WON their freedom 150 years ago. GET A LIFE. GET AN EDUCATION. READ A BOOK. BROADEN YOUR MINDS. Quit following the NAACP and like organizations like blind fools and think for yourselves! Learn there are two sides to every issue and an abundance of knowledge out there if you have a mind of your own. This kind of propaganda just makes me want to puke! If this was an image of two little, poor white boys during the CW, first, there would be no article, and second, these would just be called CUTE KIDS. Why aren't these cute black kids just called cute? Total hypocrisy!


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