In response to scores of requests, website management has decided to provide music to enhance your enjoyment of our website. We hope you enjoy our presentation of MISSOURI-MINUTEMEN-MUSIC: Our intent is to educate the public utilizing the most accurate period type presentation of the music. We've gone to great lengths to find music that was written during the period, played on period instruments, utilizing accurate period arrangements.

We legally purchased the music in question, if you enjoy it we strongly suggest you do the same. To assist you we are including the links to the websites of the two utilized in this playlist. We do not sell music, we educate the public about all things related to the Missouri-Kansas border War. Our first play list contains music performed by two groups: CATHY BARTON/DAVE PARA/BOB DYER  & THE SECOND SOUTH CAROLINA STRING BAND.

The musical selections were taken from five albums/ CD's: Johnny Whistletrigger, Rebel in the Woods by BARTON-PARA-DYER. In High Cotton, Hard Road, Dulcem Melodies, Southern Soldier by The SECOND SOUTH CAROLINA STRING BAND.  NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED!

We included some of our favorite pro-Southern songs about Missouri, Confederate Battle Hymns, & parody songs about food. Depending upon the response to this feature additional music selections may be be added. To start the music simply click on GREEN ARROW MARKED LAUNCH MP3-PLAYER, located in the middle near the bottom of the page. The player will launch in a new window, it will continue to play and repeat the songs in order untill you close the window. quantrillsguerrillas.com.

01). Quantrill- Johnny Whistletrigger
02). Bonnie Blue Flag-Hard Road
03). Call of Quantrill-Rebel in the Woods
04). War Song of Dixie-Dulcem Melodies
05). Southern Soldier-Southern Soldier (title track)
06). The Quantrill Side-Johnny Whistletrigger
07). Listen To the Mockingbird/Siege of Vicksburg-Dulcem Melodies
08). Kellys Irish Brigade-Rebel in the Woods
09). Jine the Calvary-Hard Road
10). Shelby's Mule-Johnny Whistletrigger
11). Southerner's Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!-Dulcem Melodies
12). Invasion of Camp Jackson-Johnny Whistletrigger
13). Muddy Road to Moberly-Johnny Whistletrigger    
14). Hard Crackers Come Again No More-Dulcem Melodies
15). Southerner's Battle Cry of Freedom-Dulcem Melodies
16). Rebel in the Woods-Rebel in the Woods
17). Jackson in the Valley-Southern Soldier
18). Anderson's Warning-Rebel in the Woods                                                    
19). Guerrilla Man-Johnny Whistletrigger
20). Goober Peas-Hard Road
21). The Swamp Fox-Rebel in the Woods
22). I'm a Good Ole Rebel-Southern Soldier
23). Jesse James Medley-Rebel in the Wood



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