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Guerrilla History: The history of guerrilla warfare is as old as civilization itself. When Caesar’s renowned Roman legions invaded Gaul they found that their best defensive option was utilizing guerrilla tactics.


The utilization of guerrilla warfare is as American as "Apple Pie." During the American Revolution as British soldiers made their way in massed formations along the narrow dirt roads of New England, bands of citizen soldiers took a huge toll on their numbers demoralizing their morale by constantly harassing them. This type of training carried down to the unorthodox method of fighting employed during the War of 1812 where the battle was won by the individual skill and courage of the citizen soldier. Despite the fact that the Mexican-American War is now perceived to be largely a conventional conflict that utilized established European style tactics, the Texas Rangers engaged the Mexican guerrillas “fighting fire with fire” as the American forces made their way into the heart of Mexico. General Taylor’s army of occupation in Northern Mexico encountered considerable opposition from a Mexican insurgency. During the "War for Southern Independence 1861-1865, both side utilized "irregulars" who utilized guerrilla tactics.

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