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Guerrilla History: The history of guerrilla warfare is as old as civilization itself. When Caesar’s renowned Roman legions invaded Gaul they found that their best defensive option was utilizing guerrilla tactics.


The utilization of guerrilla warfare is as American as "Apple Pie." During the American Revolution as British soldiers made their way in massed formations along the narrow dirt roads of New England, bands of citizen soldiers took a huge toll on their numbers demoralizing their morale by constantly harassing them. This type of training carried down to the unorthodox method of fighting employed during the War of 1812 where the battle was won by the individual skill and courage of the citizen soldier. Despite the fact that the Mexican-American War is now perceived to be largely a conventional conflict that utilized established European style tactics, the Texas Rangers engaged the Mexican guerrillas “fighting fire with fire” as the American forces made their way into the heart of Mexico. General Taylor’s army of occupation in Northern Mexico encountered considerable opposition from a Mexican insurgency. During the "War for Southern Independence 1861-1865, both side utilized "irregulars" who utilized guerrilla tactics.


History of Quantrill's Guerrillas: Quantrill’s guerrillas were born during the skirmishes and battles that were created during the conflict known as the Border Wars. Quantrill developed a fighting force of partisan rangers, which came to be known as Quantrill’s Guerrillas that are unrivaled in the world today. Their legacy included not only their fighting prowess but also their character and personal experiences that made them unique as combat soldiers.

Post Bellum: Despite of or perhaps in response to the discrimination imposed against Confederate veterans by Drake's Constitution, Missouri Confederate veteran associations existed as early as 1867. Quantrill veteran George Scholl belonged to such an organization which resided in the pro-Union town of St. Louis, please see his ribbon below. A decade passed before former Confederate Major John Newman Edwards wrote his epic "Noted Guerrillas." Simultaneously Edwards was planting the seed and cultivating the seed which grew into the legend of Jesse James. If this association was a help or hindrance is a debate for another time, the fact is few would disagree disagree that today's perception of a Confederate solider is vastly different than it was before the turn of the Twentieth century. There is little doubt that the main blow to reputation of Quantrill's and his men occurred 1909, when the the infamous defiler of graves and prevaricator, William E. Connelley published his fantasy based diatribe entitled; "Quantrill and the Border Wars."  Enjoy this image of Quantrill taken in 1860.

Path-Forward: Unfortunately the legacy of Quantrill and his command has been subjected to vicious campaign to misrepresent these brave and skillful warriors as barbarians and savages, who indiscrimatley enacted their deadly revenge upon hapless non-combatants and angelic boys in blue. This campaign to discredit his war record was waged by the Northern press long begun before that faithful day in August, 1863. Unfortunately the results were better than they could have expected. Today many ardent supporters and students of the Confederacy and Southern rights blindly accept that Quantrill was the "bloodiest man in the annals of America" while accepting the fantasy that his greatest military achievement was an unprovoked act of terrorism against an non-military target. When compared to Sherman's inhuman"March to the Sea," the unlawful suspension of Constitutional rights, and the inhuman destruction of Confederate troops via the use of buried explosives (Battle of the Crater),the amount of mayhem caused Lawrence raid pales in comparison. Moreover when examined objectively the actions taken by the Missourians were retaliatory; before the Lawrence raid the sacking of Osceola Missouri occurred long before the raid on Lawrence Kansas, when Quantrill's men were executed without trial and their bodies mutilated, the rebels responded in kind. Quantrillsguerrillas.com was founded to help right this wrong.                   

Our mission as quantrillsguerrillas.com is to promote the study and understanding of Colonel William Clarke Quantrill and the men who rode with him, providing sound historical information and interpretation of the basis, events, people, and consequences of the Missouri-Kansas Border War. We will promote and commemorate Southern heritage and education by advancing the awareness of the contributions of the Missouri Confederate partisan service through awards and scholarships in art, literature and music. We will cooperate with other Southern organizations to perpetuate Southern events, and support the preservation of Civil War battlefields, sites, artifacts and cemeteries pertaining to William Clarke Quantrill and his men. We accept the guardianship of the history surrounding these men. Lt. Col. Marquis on behalf of Quantrills Guerrillas.com.                                                                



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