Rare Image of Missouri Troops Near Jefferson City, Mo.

One of our members was kind enough to allow us to publish one of their recent acquisitions. This wonderful, and extremely rare image of Missouri Yankee’s out in the field near Jefferson City, Missouri was taken by the photographer Goff in 1865.



The composition is truly amazing. To the very left one can pick out the drummer and fife boy’s. Over fifty men stand at attention below their tents on the bluff. On the top of the hill is a large stone building, and a long picket fence can be see to the left in the picture. Civil War vintage photographs of standing troops en-mass are extremely rare, in many of the surviving examples the troops are not identified. This is just another example of how the highest quality images/relics are displayed on quantrillsguerrillas.com.

The management of our site want to thank all of our members who selfishly contribute to our site. Below is a close of this rare  image.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


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