Benjamin (Ben) H Morrow

Benjamin H Morrow (Ben), December 16, 1840- January 27, 1916. Ben served under Shelby, Shanks, and Quantrill. We included a post-War image of Ben below and to the right, enjoy!

In March 1864 Morrow crossed the Missouri river and entered Camden Missouri a federal outpost, along with Frank James, Alan Palmer, James Noland, Joel Chiles and Ves Akers. "Looking for a little excitement," the party stole horses, clothing and supplies, shooting numerous blue-coats while making their escape. On September 7, 1864 Ben was with George Todd, when Captain John Chestnut came bearing order from General Price. 

Price wanted the guerrillas to attack the Federals so he could enter the state undetected. Morrow was was of Thrailkill's advance in Ray county on September 16, 1864.

On October 5, 1864 Benjamin traveled with Todd to Howard County hunting for Quantrill. Unable to locate him, Todd sent Morrow along with Frank James, John House, Harrison Trow, and William and Henry Noland into Jackson County, to alert the guerrillas of Price's invasion.

On December 4, 1864 he met with Quantrill at the Wigginton's farm to discuss traveling to Kentucky. Some accounts state Ben traveled to Kentucky with Quantrill. However that is highly unlikely since he was paroled May 23, 1865 at Lexington Missouri.  

After the war Morrow harbored the James gang, and he identified the body of Jesse. He was a pall bearer in the funerals of both Jesse and Frank James. 


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